Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why is it harder for an American citizen to get back into their own country, then into another?

Okay, so I haven't updated in forever, but seeing as nobody reads me at the moment this blog exists solely for the purpose of my own amusement and therefore I have no need to post regularly.
Really all I'm doing is delay the potential for my blog to get 'discovered'
which probably won't happen anyways
In conclusion it doesn't matter when I update, despite my catchy name, (which, surprisingly, I still like) no one cares to read my blog.
Probably because it sucks.
Now onto todays topic, a nice little rant on something that ticks me off a lot.

Did you know it costs money for me to get into my own country? The other day I thought I'd take a nice day trip up to Canada and show my friends who haven't lived in Buffalo all there life the wondrous beauty that is Niagara Falls. We parked on the American side for a couple of reasons, the first being I was lost enough as it is in my own country, the second being that traffic across the rainbow bridge is ridiculous and annoying because terrorists might want to see Niagara Falls as well. So we walked across the bridge, this was really fun because my friend from D.C. who has never been out of the country in her life kept saying "Are we in Canada yet?" and was very excited as we crossed the boarder. We got into Canada no sweat, apparently we don't look like terrorists. It's the way back that ticks me off, because you have to pay fifty cents to get into your own country. I don't know why, probably a toll, but I'm sure the bridge has been paid off by now, it's been there since forever. What would I have done if I didn't have the money? I'm sure my father would love it if I called him asking for some change to bail me out of Canada. Then came American customs, a lot colder then American customs. First of all, the guy asked us if we were related, it must be said that I'm am just about the whitest person that ever walked the earth, and that the two friends I went with were Black and Hispanic, respectively. I wanted to cop an attitude and say 'Do we look related?' but you don't cop an attitude with these guys, because then you are a terrorist. After the third degree from them to make sure we were not terrorists we finally got back to this wonderful country... or whatever it is.
Tune in next time when we discuss the secret lives of Drag Queens!



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