Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mood: Happy... no angry... um what?

Today I was walking and I saw a pigeon alongside the walkway picking at the ground as pigeon's tend to do. I first thought of a friend who once said 'Buffalo's not a real city because it doesn't have pigeons' or something along those lines, I really should write him and tell him Buffalo's a real city now. Then I noticed a huge bug on the side walk near the pigeon, by huge I mean roughly slightly larger than the pigeon's eye. Then the pigeon noticed said huge bug and got all startled, I swear it jumped back a little. It made me laugh. It was just such a human gesture, that's normally something you can expect from chimps, puppies and kittens maybe sometimes parakeets (but I think that's only because they can have the ability to speak). But you rarely see human like behavior in pigeons.
I am also strangely happy today, not that I'm depressed or anything, far from it, but I just had this great joy inside me today, the kind you get when you go to church camp and you feel filled with Christ's love, but a little different. Perhaps it was that my dear friend bought me a box of Disney Princess crayons, no, not the cheap 8 pack not even the 24 pack, she got me a 48 pack. I can't wait to use them to color in my Disney Princess colouring book. Maybe it's because some drama that I thought was going to go down never did. Maybe it's because the Dallas cowboys and their insane and quite drunk fans are no longer staying at my hotel.
Time for a side rant.
I'm not into football, hockey, yes, football, I could care less, too confusing, but from growing up in Buffalo and interacting with at least 1 man throughout my life, I have been able to conclude that; a. the Bills kind of suck and b. We hate the Dallas cowboys. This is understandable seeing as their from Texas (side note: This is not inclusive to all Texans, only stereotypical ones, I'm sure your all very nice people, and I don't stereotype generally, though Texas seems to fit the stereotype more often than not) So anyways, they were in the hotel all weekend, there was tons of cameras and fans and an autograph session and blocking off the doors and hogging the good parking spaces and acting drunk and unruly. This was mostly the fans. The hotel did feel it necessary though to give our student lounge to the football players. Resulting in some nasty dirty towels being left around and some unidentifiable sticky substance on the desk. To top it all off at approximately 2 am a quite drunk cowboys fan and a quite drunk bills fan decided to get into a drunken brawl resulting in the throwing of a fire extinguisher, resulting in a big explosion of smoky stuff, resulting in the 2nd fire alarm in 2 days to wake me up, this time since there was real smoke, I actually went outside instead of walking downstairs to make sure no one was screaming and proceeding back to my room, as is normal fire drill routine.
Hockey fans are so much better.
Well, Homework beckons... unfortunately.
Until we meet again (nonexistent) readers, peace and love.


Mark said...

Hey, nice blog! Wow, what's it like living in a hotel? Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a most excellent day!


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