Thursday, October 18, 2007

New York, New York

I fully regret my recent shopping spree.
I do not regret the beret, I felt fabulous all day wearing it, it would've looked great strutting down the streets of Manhattan, but Alas, I have a mere $10.80 in my bank account and I am not going to New York this weekend. See, a dear friend of mine called me a few hours ago asking me if I wanted to go to New York tomorrow night. Of course I want to go to New York this weekend! Unfortunately, bus fare is $120 and though my hotel expenses would be covered by him, I still do not have the bus fare. I wish my metro card worked for cross state trips, I would've even skipped my Saturday sewing class despite the fact that my knit shirt project is due and is still in a state of 2 pieces of cut fabric and a pile of elastic. Oh woe, oh misery, what fate lies against me that I may not travel to New York! With it's great shining pillars of progress and glamor! It's cornucopia of sights and sounds! Oh Broadway! Oh Greenwich Village! Oh 5th Avenue! Why must you tease me, sitting just out of my grasp!
I love being dramatic. The trips obviously not in the cards. This happened to me last October as well...
I'm cursed.
Oh well, I guess it's for the better, at least I'll get my project in.



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