Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Ok, I have approximately 31 minutes left of Blog Action Day
Today is Blog Action Day, being the tree hugging environmentally friendly, public transportation taking, windmill loving girl I am I'm of course participating in this wonderful event. Maybe I'll be able to add another leave on the 'I Am Green' Facebook application for it (I'm already up to 74)!
Lightheartedness aside, this is a serious issue. I just saw on the news this morning that most of Georgia only has enough water left to last them 3 months. Is it time yet? Have we realized that we need to do something about this now? If the entire population of Georgia was threatened by a terrorist attack, you can be assured that the government would be on top of it. They would do everything and anything in their power to stop it, so why not this? Why isn't enough being done? I mean there are so many simple things that can be done to save the environment. Here's some things I do:
-I always recycle, not just newspapers and soda cans, everything I possibly can. Especially clothes, I don't see the point in throwing out clothes. Maybe it's because it's my art.
-I bring my own shopping bags shopping, and when I do acquire a plastic bag, I reuse it.
-I use public transportation to get to an from school everyday, despite the fact that I own a car
-I try and do everything in one trip when I do use my car
-I wear clothes several times before washing them, this is obviously exclusive of socks underwear and items that have gotten sweaty, smelly or significantly stained
-I use compact florescent light bulbs, they're more expensive, but they last longer, it wins out, it's kinda like buying wholesale goods
-I use towels several times before washing them, your using clean towels to dry a clean body thus the towel remains clean
-I only use cold water to do my laundry, it gets the same amount of clean, I also suggest using Arm and Hammer essentials, it has more natural things in it and less chemicals, and I swear it's the only thing that got the grease stains out of my clothes when I worked at a pizza place.
-I turn off lights, the computer, the TV, and even the heat when I'm not home/they're not in use.
-I don't leave my car running when I'm waiting for people etc. I turn it all the way off instead of letting it idle
-I shower every other day, unless I'm really gross for some reason it's better for your hair anyways, helps restore natural oils your hair produces to make it shiny
-I own secondhand clothing, a lot of it actually I'm addicted to Amvets
-I don't litter, if you litter I've just lost some respect for you
-I turn off the water when brushing my teeth
-I try and shop locally, Buffalo doesn't have much, especially not in my price range, but the amount of fuel it takes to ship clothing from China is ridiculous and buying locally is definitely a good option.
-I don't smoke, it's bad enough your putting it in your lungs, must you put it in our air?
Come on, is it really all that hard? Half those things aren't even sacrifices, they save you money on gas, electricity and heating bills, other things that drive us crazy. So what do you say? Will you take a green initiative in your life, and save our planet before it's to late?
Done with 4 minutes to spare.



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