Saturday, October 20, 2007

I should be tired

I don't know what's wrong with me, I just had Starbucks and a Coke before bed, when I'm clearly already sleep deprived. I've been drinking caffeine all day, because despite the fact that I have an 8:30 Saturday class, I went to Union Bash Friday night and stayed quite late.
What a night it was. First of all, it was 80s themed, which means naturally, I went all out. Are you ready for this? Black pumps, black leg warmers, neon pink leggings, black polka-dot miniskirt, gaudy black angora sweater with metallic sequins all over the collar, neon pink waist belt, hot pink lipstick, way to much blush, body glitter, turquoise eyeshadow, hair teased out to there with a giant pink bow in it. It was ridiculous, but oh so much fun. The night started off slow, my friend and I went down to dinner in the lobby before we left, it just happened to be the busiest night I've seen in a while and we got a lot of stares, it was quite awkward. Then we got to Union Bash super early because my friend had to go through sorority-rush-like rugby procedures involving practicing incredibly vulgar song parodies. I felt very weird sitting there with them, the songs were appalling, and I wasn't really sure how to act. As a Christian, this situation was very repulsive and awkward for me, I knew I didn't do the right thing by not joining in, but did I do the wrong thing by just sitting there? This is the problem with not living on campus, I don't have a place to go when I'm there. All my really close friends live at the hotel or commute so I can't go to their rooms to chill and kill time. Finally, Union Bash actually started and I spent the rest of the evening with Intervarsity. It was so fun, I danced, acted crazy, I got to be myself, it was wonderful. I really love the people in that club, I feel like I fit. We hung out for a really long time after we packed up and left Union Bash. I was the first to leave. I got out to the parking lot and realize I had finally done it... I had killed my car battery because of leaving my lights on. So I walked back up and asked if anyone could give me a jump, luckily someone had jumper cables and was parked in the same parking lot as me and after finally finding the battery (it's in a ridiculous place in my car) I got my car running normally. Needless to say, that kept me out even later. So I overdosed on caffeine this morning during my 4 hour sewing class, which I think actually made me more productive than usual. I only had to use the seam ripper about twice, which is much better than the usual fifty or so. I got my shirt done, a little later than I hoped, but still efficiently, it actually turned out pretty good, well except the sleeves are different lengths, but even that sort of works. Maybe I'll post pictures someday when I get a digital camera.
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