Thursday, October 4, 2007

"I'ma hook you up"

One of my good friends has a new mission in life; to 'hook me up' apparently I need 'someone to keep me warm at night' I told her I'll turn up the heater. See, I really don't want a boyfriend right now. Is that so hard to believe? I'm not upset with her about it (though it is getting to the point where it's slightly annoying), after all she is, as she says doing it out of the 'goodness of her heart'. Honestly, I'm waiting around for prince charming, as ludicrous as that may sound, why settle for less? A lot of people go through life messing up in unhealthy relationships, or relationships that just don't fit right. I don't want to be that girl. The way I see it, is Prince Charming's definitely out there, and he's waiting for me too. I know at my age I'm obviously not ready for marriage, or any long term committed relationship, but when I'm ready, he'll be there, and he'll sweep me off my feet. It will be so beautiful. So why would I want to ruin that by going out with random guys who arn't prince charming? I strongly beleive that God has chosen my husband especially for me, and that God will reveal him to me when the time is right. It's like the superchic[k] song, Princes and Frogs (Underdog Mix), one of the lyrics is "the frog you've got seems cute enough to kiss/And maybe frogs seem like that's all there is/But just because you haven't found your prince yet/Doesn't mean you're still not a princess.And what if your prince comes riding in/While you're kissin' a frog what's he gonna think then/So look into his eyes/Are you a princess or a fly?" I want to be a princess. I mean how terribly romantic is that? Waiting, fighting against all desires and temptations, just to make sure that you fully belong to your prince charming? It's like a freaking Disney movie. Oh, I just love Disney movies, especially Beauty and the Beast... and Sleeping Beauty. Belle didn't date Gaston, even though he was a hottie (the handsomest guy in town) she waited for her prince charming, even if he was a beast at first. Aurora? She didn't even meet any men before Phillip. They all lived happily ever after. So why would I want to screw my fairy tale up by dating?



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