Thursday, September 27, 2007

My First Extraordinarily Lame Blog I Said I'd Never Write

So, I spent today doing absolutely nothing, well, no not exactly. I woke up, went through the whole, watch the news, get ready, go to breakfast, catch bus, wait at school, go to class bit. Then I got back on a bus, went back to the hotel and sat in my room on the computer. I did do some homework, which is surprising. I also finished reading Pride and Prejudice (again), but that doesn't really count seeing as I only had the last 2 chapters left to start off the day. I don't know why I started a blog, my life's to lame for a blog. I've been sitting on the computer since about 10 AM no lie. I'm a waste of life. My hand is cramping up. I'm waiting for a friend to call me to keep me from this madness, hopefully we'll take an adventure on the rail. I could use an adventure, or even just a normal everyday event.

so yep. there's the lamest blog ever.

This is why I'll never be famous on the internet.



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