Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh, The Beach

One of my favorite things to do is go to the beach and take pictures. I love looking out on the lake on my city, the place where I live and serve, the place that I can't explain why I love, but I do, the place I pray for and see this weird amazing hope for, and it looks so lovely from across the lake. It's also a great place to reminisce, to dream of summer days and late summer nights with friends, when life seemed simpler. Day, night, summer, winter, rain, sun, the beach is always beautiful. There's something amazing about it in the winter though (yes, it's still winter in Buffalo) When the lake is frozen, blue and still, when driftwood and snow mixed with sand pile up on the beach.
Today was the first real warm day we've had, it was gorgeous and after church roomie and I stopped at the beach on the way home, it was lovely, there was a little patch of sand in the middle of the beach between the two snowbanks, (which have melted quite a bit)
I sat on the sand pretending it was summer and roomie wrote in the sand with driftwood. We got some great shots too, it was all very lovely.


Katie Love said...

<3 you and roomie-ness. That was my birthday... :D


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