Friday, March 13, 2009

Bubble Wrap

I stopped home tonight to get my mail and received a wonderful joyous package in the mail!! Punk Goes Pop Volume II!!! YAY!!! (and also, Punk Goes Pop Volume I which was free with the pre-order of the aforementioned CD)I may possibly write a review on it and post it here soon, but I barely have time to breath let alone blog these days....

So I popped the CD in the computer and listened to it as I started/finished a discussion board post for my poetry class that was due at midnight (which naturally I submitted at 12:16) As you can probably tell by my procrastination habits, this was a very stressful hour of rushing to complete an educated sounding commentary on Keat's Ode to a Nightingale and Ode on a Grecian Urn. So after I completed my brilliant, masterful work of literary goodness I wanted to burn off a little of this stress, you know, cool off before reading the last 5 chapters of Wind in the Willows which according to my professor I might as well not show up for class tomorrow morning if I don't. So, I turn to an age old, simple and joyous stress reliever, something that had been tempting me all night, beautiful, translucent bubble wrap lying on my bed next to the opened CD wrappers and US Postal Service envelope. With much anticipation I pop the first bubble, no sound, must be a dud I consider. Second bubble, no avail, I am soon reduced to clawing at the bubble wrap, squeezing it as hard as I can, sitting on it, and of course, dropping my poetry textbook on it. Not the tiniest little popping noise!! I ask you dear readers, (if you even exist, which I question often) What's the point?!?!?!? (Don't you dare give me some smart-alack answer like "to protect the CD's from the abuse of the United States Postal Service" I swear I'm not in the mood)What on earth is the point of bubble wrap that does not pop? and what of the irony that encased within this pointless plastic was two CD's addressing the genre of 'pop'? Why has a classic form of stress relief failed me, in fact causing more stress? Why I'm I further procrastinating by blogging about something so ridiculous? Is this the future of bubble wrap?
The world may never know, but for now, virtual bubble wrap shall have to suffice.


Our Wings are Burning said...

I wrote an essay on Keats earlier in the semester as well... and I also used those two poems in it. I think I called the essay "Keats and Introspection" and ended with his "beauty is truth, truth is beauty" comment or whatever it was at the end of Ode on a Grecian Urn. I got a good grade too :).

"I'm Real" on PGP 1 is really good... and the weird Asian punk version of "Baby One More Time" is pretty funny/awesome.

As for bubble wrap... uh, I'm sorry for your unfortunate circumstances, I guess :)


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