Thursday, March 5, 2009

Glamour Magazine's American Icons

I'm a big fan of fashion spreads, I love it when somebody takes clothes and really makes them into art, I love it when you can really see the vision someone had come to life and Glamour Magazine has met this standard in their latest issue. These photo's are a stunning, timeless tribute to women that have really shaped our nation in the past 70 years or so. While I don't agree with some of their choices, I really think over all the project is a great collection of images and fashion. Some of my favorites include:

Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter I think Alexis Bledel is beautiful, she's got a very pure, almost ethereal look about her, and it's strange seeing her as someone so bold and tough, but I think she really brings something to the character of Rosie the riveter. The balance of her softness with Rosie's iconic muscle baring image really makes a statement on the true essence of a woman.

Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn
Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn, her beautiful silhouette adorns the wall of my dorm room and I've been caught imagining I'm Holly Golightley on more than one occasion. I'm having a little bit of trouble with Emma Roberts portraying her, but that's my own skewed vision of seeing her as an eternal child from hours of watching Unfabulous with my little sister. I do however, still find this image beautiful, and a wonderful tribute to one of my favorite icons. I'm also a huge fan of the pink balloons, because really, what is more fun than pink balloons and a killer pair of pumps?

Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama Ok, I have to admit, I might have a girl-crush on Michelle Obama (we'll define girl crush later, but if you think it sounds awkward, it's really not)I just love her, she seems so real and down to earth, that's what I love about the Obama's in general, I can see the people behind the politics in them, and let's face it, the woman's got style. Michelle Obama is a truly inspirational woman, she loves and cares for her family and people everywhere, and you can see that she has genuine love and affection for her husband. I've notice many politicians wives tend to be figureheads, or married more out of convenience, society, or as their own political foothold, but they are truly in love and that's beautiful to me. I love that she also takes political fashion to a new level, something that we haven't seen since Jackie Kennedy, she is not however Jackie, she has her own individual sense of style that is classy, and sophisticated yet still daring that she makes her own. She never looks unprofessional, but never unapproachable either. I think it is really awesome that she is a strong woman who is providing a great role model for today's girl to look up too and Alicia keys does a wonderful job of portraying her in this spread, as someone who really has her own individual sense of style she was a wonderful choice to portray the first lady.

Overall, Glamour's artical is a great tribute to iconic fashion and inspirational women throughout the era's. Others include, Hayden Panettiere as Amelia Earhart, Paula Patton as Billie Holiday, Camilla Bell as Mary Tyler Moore, America Ferrera as Dolores Huerta and Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw. For the full slideshow of larger images, and quotes on what the models have to say about the icons they are portraying, you can check it out for yourself at


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