Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ingrid Michaelson is amazing go buy her CD

Last night I went to see Ingrid Michaelson, (if you don't know who she is, she sings the song in the Old Navy sweater commercial, she also sings the song Meredith drowned to in Grey's Anatomy) it was amazing, it was totally worth missing Rock for Darfur. (don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Darfur activist, but I don't need to go to a concert to prove it, there's other ways to raise money and support the cause, many of which I have participated in in the past)
It was so good though. It was an invite-only show so it was very chill, not too crowded, I got right up near the stage, and I swear I was just mesmerized by her. Not only is she totally adorable in person, but she sounds as good if not better then she does on CD. AMAZING. she came out wearing this adorable purple knotted knit dress with black tights and chunky knit black boots that may have been attached to or separate from what looked light turquoise chunky knit leg warmers. She was completely adorable, you could tell she hasn't been preforming to long because she had that quirky, somewhat awkward, conversational stage presence. She came on with a little ukulele, commented about how she just started wearing skirts on stage and it's a whole different ballgame when your sitting, and then introduced her fist song 'so, this is a happy song, it's about hating yourself' it was cute. Other notable comments were:
Ingrid: so this is my first time to buffalo, I like your wings
random audience member: hot and spicy!
Ingrid: actually, I prefer them mild
me: yay! (I obviously prefer mild as well)
other random audience member: you should try them barbeque
Ingrid: I will do that
Ingrid: So every year September hits and I start getting so excited for the holidays
Me: *some indiscernible excited noise between a squeal, a giggle, and a woot!*
Friend: Yo, Mandy, that's you!
Me: I know! Christmas is the bestest!!! (yes I'm a Christmas fiend, deal with it)
random audience member: Noooo
Ingrid: You don't like Christmas?
random audience member: not really
Ingrid: if you like Christmas, shout "I love Christmas" 1... 2.... 3
Half the audience: I LOVE CHRISTMAS
Ingrid: now if you don't like Christmas shout "I'm a Christmas hating Scrooge" 1... 2... 3....
Half the audience "I'm a Christmas hating Scrooge"
she then proceeded to claim that we won and play... umm.... I can't spell it, that Hawaiian Christmas song that's in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (awesome movie)
"I want every one to close their eyes and pretend your a little girl"
(this was really funny because she forced the older gentlemen to do it as well and it was so funny to watch)
random audience member: where were you born?
Ingrid: I was born in Manhattan, New York
audience: cheers
Ingrid: but I'm not really from Manhattan, I'm from Statton island, which is about 80% less cool then saying your from Manhattan.
(it is still 80% more cool then saying your from Buffalo)
(while tuning her ukulele) It's gonna be really exciting for about the next 25 seconds
this is pretty cool cuz a few months ago I was singing for like my mom and my aunt
I'm supposed to come up with witty banter to keep you entertained now
There's a couple other good ones, but I'm sure they fall under the category of 'you had to be there' she also did really cute 'trumpet solos' putting her lips together and making trumpet noises it was amazing. She really is an amazing person, she's so talented I highly recommend you go see her in concert. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel in the chilling Buffalo weather, but we got to stop at Spot coffee on the way home so it was good, Spot is my favorite, I love how it's right across the street from star bucks and there's always more people at Spot. It was a nice treat, cuz I can barely ever afford it anymore. Now I'm rambling on about unimportant events in my life... you are allowed to stop me at anytime.

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