Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Taking Back Sunday

I don't understand why you are out to ruin my summer concert going. I understand, you had a new album out and hadn't been to the area in a while causing you to sell out when you toured with Anberlin and played in Rochester. I know I should have bought my ticket earlier to that show so I wouldn't have to drive an hour only to sit outside for the opening act and the first few songs of Anberlin's set before finally buying tickets off a security guard in an alleyway. I forgave you for that because I got in in time to see them preform "Paperthin Hymn" and got in for $25 after seeing a girl pay a scalper $74 on the street corner. Your set was good and you were pretty funny, I even sang along to a few of your songs and laughed at your poor sad lyrics (really, how do you get away with "the truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt", do you know how pathetic that is). I'd say your pretty decent live and I really wasn't that upset with you by the end of the night. Now you have destroyed the Emery show too? Seriously, I've been planning on going to that one since they announced the date, and you decided to come to Buffalo the same day. Now the shows have merged an you my friends are headlining. Emery was supposed to headline, they were supposed to have an encore and a nice long set and all the other wonderful things that come with headlining, but no my friends, for the second time this summer you have to headline, once wasn't enough was it? Thanks to you the price went up too, jeez guys, I don't have $25-$30 to shell out every time you decide to headline for one of my favorite bands, I mean I'm jobless and carless right now, that's a lot of money! So if you could please stop headlining for my favorite bands so I can have the best possible show experience that would be great. I would maybe buy one of your CD's as a thank you, or at least a sticker or button or something.
Thanks in advance,



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