Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Summer (Officially)

Which means it's officially time for the following:
Road Trips (spontaneous or otherwise)
The beach
Milkshakes and Curly Q Fries outside on a picnic Table
Pretty Buffalo Skies
Sundresses, Skirts, Shorts, and Tank Tops
Late Nights - at the beach, out to eat, in parking lots
Flip Flops
Sidewalk Chalk
Iced Capps from Tim Hos
Chestnut Ridge - frolfing, exploring, 100 steps, rolling down the big hill, the eternal flame
Going to the Cottage on Chautauqua Lake
Taking Pictures of nature, in nature, nature meeting what is urban
Bonfires - in my backyard
Ice Cream and freezie pops
Blowing Bubbles
Spending time with myself, my family, my friends, and my God

It's also means the following is coming up:
Taste of Buffalo
Burger Fest
Blast on the Beach
Kingdom Bound!!!!
The Fair!!
Pirate Fest
and countless other days and nights of fun to be had

I'm thinking of compiling pictures of each of these things that I took last summer and posting like once a week... like a summer photo series or something... what do you think?



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